Recently, all of a sudden my skin fa-reaked out! I rarely get breakouts, and when I do, it’s usually around my chin/jawline. You know, the hormonal area. However, out of nowhere, I had these huge, gargantuan zits popping up on my forehead and cheeks & I was at a loss on what to do. Plus, I pick at them..tsk tsk, I know, so they look soooo much worse. And these babies weren’t just clearing themselves up. They were sticking around and there were new “friends” joining them everyday! I work in a skincare & cosmetics store, and the last person you want to get skincare advice from is a clerk with acne all over her face! The typical spot treatments alone weren’t cutting it for me. I needed an overhaul. Luckily, I work with a fabulous aesthetician 🤗 and she advised the perfect regimen for the spastic, hormonal temper tantrum my skin was giving me. And in 3 nights, I got clear, renewed and glowing skin. Soooo, why not share the love?? Here it is:

Night 1) Power mask

Valmont Clarifying Pack

I never would have guessed to use this mask, as it’s intended for lightening hyperpigmentation, but it is quite the de-clogging power product! I used this as a deep-cleanse mask first.

Night 1-3) Spot treatment

It’s skin AC spot control 

This worked to kill the bacteria causing inflammation and…inner content…of the zits in a highly active, but non-aggressive way.

Night 1-3) Stop the breakout cycle & shrink heinous pores

Drunk Elephant Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

This product made the most significant difference in clearing up my entire face. Not only did it stop the breakout cycle, but it revitalized my entire complexion, giving me new radiance by minimizing my gaping pores and clarifying my dark spots. Don’t overuse though! 2-3x per week is plenty