Pre-baby, I was anxious and moody if I didn’t get some exercise everyday. I did a wide variety of workouts. Perhaps I’m an undiagnosed ADD case, I don’t know. But it made me feel good to workout and be good at working out. Fast forward 18 months and I’m struggling being good at fitness again. But when I get my workout on, I do feel good. It’s a choice to make exercise a priority and I’ve been using the busy, working mom excuse for too long. Enough! 

I first got some ideas of how to be fitnessy with my baby when he was fighting me like crazy to go to sleep. And I started doing squats, and lo and behold, he starts drifting to sleep! So, this was a phase that lasted about 2 weeks (that’s a long time in baby-time!). I noticed I started dropping a couple of pounds, and the only change I had made was squatting my baby to sleep! So, post-jog today, I decided to do (and video) some of my toning exercises using my nearly 20 lb adorable weight for an added challenge. I hope this gives you some ideas if you’re struggling with this like I am. 

The weight 

Row boats

10 squat raises / 10 deep squats