In April, we took a last minute-ish trip to see family out east in South Carolina. This was a big deal, since we were going to be traveling with our then-5 month old almost 850 miles. Right before leaving I decided to download a couple of $1.99 episodes of Bible story cartoons, which was the Best. Decision. Ever. Our son rode the 8 hours to Mobile almost entirely content between naps and the story of The Creation and Noah’s ark. The second half of the journey was very similar too. Not a bad 15ish hour drive! Words I never thought I’d say type. 

Here are some of the highlights from the trip:

First, we stopped to see this young lady, who was turning 90! Rex’s great-grandma. 

One of our favorite things to do is eat, and Rex definitely inherited that trait from us. The poor lil guy still doesn’t have any teeth (now nearly 7 months) and he just wants a dang burger! This was a yummy spot in downtown Greenville called Tupelo Honey

This is some classic southern pimento that was a delish alternative to Texas queso. 

When we got back on wifi, I downloaded more Bible story episodes. The iPad and these shows really were a lifesaver on this trip! Rex also showed us how big he was and sat up to watch!

I took some bloom clothes with me too. To shop anything I’m modeling wearing, click the pictures. South Carolina provided endless amazing backdrops for photos!

We were staying in Travelers Rest and stopped for lunch at the Whistle Stop. People in the south really are the nicest. Rex was soooooo fussy during our meal, and the owner of the restaurant came over, grabbed him, and bounced him around while we finished the rest of our food. Would we hand our baby over to a stranger anywhere else? No. But it was so nice of her and we were so grateful!

The first time we visited SC together, we went for a hike out at Jones Gap. So of course we had to take Rex to the same spot we took our last selfie! It wasn’t quite as easy to hike with a baby, but it was so beautiful, as always. 

We went for a stroll around downtown Greenville and took some photo opps in Falls Park.

My husbands father, Rex’s Papa, is buried in Greenville at the Woodlawn Memorial Cemetary. He passed away from cancer in 1994. It was really special to visit his grave with Rex! His papa was John Wesley III and Rex is legally John Wesley V. 

John Wesley IV, John Wesley V and John Wesley III. All in the same earthly place at once!

We went for crepes at this super hipster crepery called Tandem. I had to snap a picture of these kids who HAD to bring their soccer ball into the line with them. So cool. The crepes were amazing though. I recommend!

This was my outfit choice for my husband’s grandmother’s 90th birthday party at the Locust Hill Baptist Church. 

So, we knew there was going to be rain as we headed back to Houston, but one non-weather related delay pushed us back about 17 hours. We had to spend the night in Charlotte and were trying to fly into one of the worst floods that Houston has seen in decades. My travel companions were both pretty amazing though. 

Rex did well on his flight given the circumstances. God sent us an angel in the seat behind us, who started playing with him during the last 40 mins of the flight when Rex lost it, and was crying histerically. We didn’t blame him though; everyone else would have been doing the same if they had the same liberty as a baby. 

Then, when we got back to Houston, our ride was flooded in, so we had to lug all of our luggage, car seat, base, stroller….to the car rental hub. And about an hr after we got our car, we finally arrived back home!

We think that the special guest on our flight may have had something to do with us getting home! 🙂