So, this mommy brain. Is fer real. I can list a number of doozies, some of which I’ve already shared on the blog, but most recently, intertwining two blog posts into one. Well, the first has been corrected and here’s the second.

Mommy brain for the most part = bad. But sometimes, some good and cool things come from it. You have this whole new life and lifestyle full of new needs. So, my mommy brain started cooking something up when I was still pregnant and my thoughts were solidified when I started nursing. The problem? Mom clothes. Pregnant mom clothes, i.e. Maternity. And nursing mom clothes, i.e….well, no ie needed here, just simply nursing-friendly clothes.

So, my whole life, I’ve loved fashion. I know, real original. But, when I got pregnant, everything I knew about shopping (I was GOOD at shopping for clothes) was completely challenged by the options out there for maternity. It sucked. Stripes everywhere. Tent silhouettes. And everything that was cute, was literally a million dollars. (I threw that in there to peeve you literalists). So, I started shopping for clothes from “regular” stores that would work for a growing bump: stretchy, flowy, comfy. And I thought, this is a lot of work, sorting through the piles and pages and pages of websites finding things that would “work”. Same situation when it came time to assemble my nursing wardrobe. So, I dreamt and brought to life an e-boutique that offered curated “mom” clothes. I give you: Bloom

Nursing friendly

marfa by morning surplice blouse

A Perfect Maternity Dress:

the summer chic dress