So, there have been times that we all have thought that we lost our marbles. Marbles = normal brain function

Well, I’ve had a couple of real doozies within the past 48 hours that I thought I’d share. All I can chalk this up to is the exhaustion that is #momlife

1) I left my work keys in my jacket pocket. I had to meet a vendor representative at work that morning and by the grace of God, I was able to catch a pair of keys in transit at the perfect time. Seriously, if you ever doubt if God’s got this, He’s got this.

Misplaced keys 
2) I attended the lingerie shower portion of my good friend’s bachelorette party (because I’ve got about a 4hr freedom window before breastfeeding or pumping is in order) and I quickly wrapped my adorable Bride cami/shorts set before taking off to the party. Well, the lingerie shower was a “guess who” game and when it came time to open my gift, I found myself humiliated when my friend pulled out, not an adorable bridal pj set….but my dirty sock that I accidentally included. No one understood what the sock meant, but I couldn’t take it and let them include the sock with my gift on the guessing clothesline of lingerie, so I confessed. Luckily, it gained quite the laugh, but I was beet-red and SO embarrassed. This is my life.

THE sock  3) I really hope this is the last one in this marble-losing streak…we went to Target to get beakers for said science-obsessed-nephew. We grabbed a few other things, because it’s Target, and who leaves with the “one thing they needed” from Target … And get to the car, start loading the baby up, and I realized I had under my armpit, a nursing bra I had been carrying around the store. “Ummm, did I steal this??”. Yes. yes I did. I ran back into the store, paid for the bra and left the store for a second time.
Near-Stolen bra
Well, that’s it. Something tells me to just stay inside for the remainder of the weekend.