So, right after I had my baby I went to the doctor about a week later to check in because I had some major post-partum complications. Read my birth-story here. I was so depressed to see that I had only dropped 9 freakin pounds! That’s like, 11 oz more than the baby alone weighed. What. The. Heck. So, about 2-3 days later – geez I’m glad I wrote my birth story, because you really do forget stuff! – I recall sweating in bed like crazy!! And when I went back to the doctor about 3-4 days after my first PP visit, I had dropped over 10 more pounds. Then about 5 more pounds. I was thinking, what is everyone talking about when they say losing baby weight is HARD? This weight is just melting right off! Well….then it plateaued and I even increased about 3-4 more pounds. Since then, I’ve stayed about the same (8-10 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight). I exercise when I can – read about HIIT workouts here – but not consistently enough to make an impact. However, I read that the baby weight is well, a wait. And I’ve finally started to see the plateau head down the incline again. Granted, I’ve started doing baby squats inadvertently as a soothing tactic, but it works to calm him and to get my butt and legs in shape! This and arm exercises using my baby as weight has helped me jumpstart my once plateaued weightloss.

So What to Wear??

I found myself rummaging my closet during and immediately after pregnancy for clothes that accommodate my current size and functionality needs. There are a lot of “regular” clothes options! Below is a style example that can be dressed up to look chic [as shown], or paired with a cute pair of space-dye track pants and chic tennis shoes. It’s soft, comfy, and polished, making it versitle for at-home mom time, or for running up to Kroger for more diapers. Maximize your clothing, buying  pieces that are super fashionable, functional, durable & don’t take a long time to launder.

And don’t worry, the baby weight wait just takes time! Til then, get you some great clothes to last you til you fit in your old clothes, that fit YOUR LIFE. Shop here to find clothes that don’t have to be shelved until the next baby 😀It doesn’t always have to be the latest fad. Go for fashion conscious, but always timeless.