I’ve been dreading writing about what feels like my huge failure of getting back into shape. I had a lot of delusions about mommy-hood and how simple life would be with a new baby, including work-life, martial-life and social-life balance. But one thing I thought I would have no problem with was getting back into a fitness routine and my pre-pregnancy shape, because I was GOOD at fitness. Making time for it, pushing myself to new records and new activities. But, here come the excuses…I had a really rough post partum recovery, so I was a seditary hermit for a solid 6 wks. And ohhhhh my gosh am I feeling that now. It’s been a very very long time since I’ve been this unconditioned. Probably back to my college days where all I did was party and walking a mile was torture.

So, here’s how I’m dealing with this situation now: running is not an option for me currently. I tried to pick this once easy cardio activity up and my knees KILLED me. Not sure the reason, maybe this extra 10 lbs I’m still carrying around, but I’ve re-started my fitness with some HIIT  workouts (high intensity interval training). It’s leaving me feeling exhausted after only 10-15 mins, sore muscles and enough time to steal away from a needy 10 wk old. I have so much progress to make, but, you gotta start somewhere! Ps. I found (on Pinterest, duh) a great app called Seconds for timing your HIIT workouts. It’s not free, but you can try it before buying and I felt it was worth the $4.99 👍