My last post from Christmas, I blogged about the doubt entering my mind that I didn’t have enough interesting content to keep a blog. Well, sure enough, it’s been like 3 weeks since I’ve last blogged and I was starting to have the same doubts creep in. Until today, my sister mentioned my blog and that she enjoys it..she’s one of the few people who always thinks I’m funny, and it gave me the urge to make another post; because seriously, I’m a new mom working full time, of course I have plenty to blog about! There are a lot of surprises that come along with doing life as a new family. I decided to compile each Thursday, a list of “The struggle is real”

1. Getting pooped on – my son loves to save this for me

2. Planning my activities around not wanting to change my bra – for a number of reasons: accessibility to breastfeeding and freakin lactation pads, cuz I leak like crazy and those necessary evils are the bain of my existence

3. No more clean hair – never fails, the day I wash my hair, it WILL be spit up on

Ok, I’ll make it a top 3 “struggles”