I was having a bit of writer’s block over the last week. It had me questioning, why did I even start a blog? I’m not a writer and I obviously don’t have enough things of importance to write about. But, today is Christmas Day and God laid something on my heart to write about. Cuz he’s awesome.

Yesterday, I saw that someone wrote on Facebook, “just curious, if your are an atheist or evolutionist, do you get a Christmas present?”. This got me thinking about the traditions of Christmas, specifically gift giving. In American today, I read that 42% of people believe in the Creator and I have to believe that the percentage of people who claim Jesus as their savior is less than that. But, I’m sure the number of Americans that participate in the gift giving tradition is somewhere in the 90 percentile. I try to soak in the “real meaning of Christmas” every year and thank my God for sending His Son to earth to save the world. But, I started thinking today about the symbolism behind gift giving. God made man in his image and humans giving gifts to each other symbolizes God giving the best gift ever, salvation through The Son. We will always fall short because of the literal fall of man since the beginning of mankind, so our “perfect gifts” we get for each other will never be as perfect as God’s gift to us. But, like He called us to live a perfect life, even though He knows we will never be as holy as Him, we will continue to try to give each other the “perfect gifts” every year as we celebrate the most perfect, everlasting gift that God gave us so many years ago. Jesus’ birthday.

God doesn’t just cap his gifts with Jesus either. He gives very obvious gifts all the time. One of mine this year happens to be this cute guy!