Being a parent took me completely off guard. I mean, I only had 9 months to prepare, how did I stand a chance? Kidding. But really, I totally underestimated how much work it is becoming a mom. I never would have thought that this 8lb 6oz tiny human could put 3 grown adults through the ringer the way he did; but there was one point that me, my husband and my mom were all strewn about our house, zombie-esque, and it made us all reflect on the incredible challenge called a newborn. So, the first week in particular, my Amazon account was getting a ton of action. I luckily saw a Facebook post that one of my friends wrote, raving about Amazon Prime NOW. I was like, uh…CHA-CHING! None of us had the energy to leave the house, so this was a God-send service. Here’s a list of my top items that helped me through the extreme first week, we dubbed “Hell Week”. It was desperate times, people. These things along with a combination of the 5 S’s from “The Happiest Baby on the Block” – Swaddle, Side/stomach, Shush, Swinging & Suck usually will help the baby stop crying. But, I know, there are times when they are just inconsolable and that’s when I had to lean on my husband to help me (I tried not to wake him up when he had a long day at work). But, only a couple of times, it got to where I had to put the baby down and enlist my husband before I snapped. We’re only human and it does happen. It took reading the above mentioned book for confirmation and to not feel TERRIBLE about myself when this happened.

  1. Boppy lounger – available on Amazon Prime NOW within 2 hours! Rex LOVES napping in this thing. The first few nights I fell asleep in the nursery recliner and stuck this baby-recliner in the crib, where he slept. It does clearly say NO SLEEPING in about 4 different languages on the tag, but it’s a parent judgement call, and I felt comfortable doing it, so there’s my disclaimer. Eventually we started swaddling him every night, and he now sleeps in the bassinet at night (1 month old). But this remains his main napper. IMG_6537
  2. Rock N Play – I bought mine at Target because we had a gift card, but they have these on Amazon too. When Rex needs a little movement to soothe himself – tummy, or whatever is making him fussy, the Rocky N Play usually works. It rocks and has vibration – score.IMG_6352
  3. Avent Pacifiers – All in one piece makes for no-risk of parts coming loose and becoming a choking hazard. When Rex is crying for what seems to an adult, no particular reason, usually I can pop one of these in his mouth and eventually he relaxes and soothes for a little while.61lgPDQ7SoL._SL1500_
  4. Stability Ball – Thankfully I received this as a gift from my mother-in-law. If we’ve tried everything and he will still not stop crying, then we always go bounce on this ball. It’s the best soother ever & has sand in the bottom to make it stable enough to use late at night/early in the morning. Here’s one from Walmart for 20 bucks.k2-_0a2c7b38-5643-4acc-bdc1-2793f92c9e20.v1
  5. Disposable changing pads – these aren’t a pacifier, but they’re just pretty handy. My husband just happened to pick some of these up when he was on a Target run for me and we re-ordered. We don’t ever use our changing pad without one of these or a wipeable, travel, poly-changing pad because we don’t want to wash our changing pad cover everyday. These are available on Amazon Prime NOW too!14026157Some of the other items I got on Amazon Prime NOW that I was glad to have the instant gratification were:
    1. Hands-free pumping bra
    2. Nipple shield
    3. Wipes
    4. Diaper Genie refills
    5. Disposable Nursing pads