Since I was really young, I’ve always loved clothes and of course, getting new clothes. I also loved being creative with what I had. I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer at one point too, but when I took clothing construction in college, I decided the business route was for me instead because I hated sewing! It gave me a new respect and understanding of the expense of clothes because of how hard they were to our together. That empathy quickly faded because I didn’t have the deep pockets for expensive clothes. What’s interesting about high end clothing is, much like a car, the maintenance is expensive! My criteria for clothes evolved from something that was just cute and fashion-forward, to: well-made, low maintenance and trendy but timeless. Clothes shopping has always been so fun for me, whether it was for me or a friend or family member. Clothes [accessories and shoes included] make me happy because they have the ability to better your mood and demeanor.

So, maternity clothes shopping…I was excited! New clothes, yay! But the experience was not “yay” for me. Why were maternity clothes so incredibly expensive?? Why is everything horizontal stripes? It was really a traumatic experience for me. I had this new body and no idea how to dress it, so I thought. Finally, I discovered that I didn’t NEED to buy all new clothes just because I was pregnant. I found that the necessities for maternity clothes, when you get super pregnant, are really only:

  1. Pants/shorts
  2. Tank tops
  3. Bras

I felt so much more comfortable mixing my current wardrobe with these maternity staples than I did in any maternity clothing I tried on at the store. Plus, it saved me a lot of money.

Some fashion guidelines I used for maternity dressing were:

  1. You can never have too many cardigans, easy wear jackets or blazers – this is a fact while pregnant and non-pregnant. They only positively add-to any outfit.
  2. Structured fabrics are exceptionally flattering on a round shape, and when worn layered over stretchy pieces, are super comfortable without looking frumpy
  3. Accessories can make a HUGE statement and can be a game changer in an otherwise simple ensemble
  4. You can wear stretchy pieces that you wouldn’t dare wear non-pregnant unless you were having a “skinny” day, because your bump looks adorable in stretch!
  5. Instead of maternity clothes, invest in cute, comfortable shoes that are versatile enough to wear with a lot of outfits because (most) of your heels are going to have to be shelved for the duration of pregnancy

These are some of my favorite looks [10 months pregnant might I add]